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Weekly Summary 9

For this week, I like this introduction to Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI). This introduction also connects well with the project of my interactive story about the good and evil of AI. I’m also confident about my mid-term evaluation because the way I did it was analyzed based on what I knew. Now, I have taken this class for this semester and will then go on to explain why from there.

As for how Janelle Shane’s “AI Doom” scenarios might disrupt ethical reasoning, it has shown what kind of scenarios might happen in the future as AI keeps getting smarter; I feel that regardless of whether we all use AI with good intentions, there’ll always be that one minority that uses it for evil intent. Finally, I think when it comes to how we gather data for the forever advancing AI and predict the future with it. I believe that AI might have more biased views on certain topics due to us as humans always corrupting what is supposed to be a neutral being.

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