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Weekly Summary 12

If there were one “everyday” collaboration that AI and Humans have done, then it would be one time when a human and an AI wrote a short story together. For the bot or not a quiz, I did fine at first, but as more questions came in, it only got harder, so, for the rest of it, I ended up guessing a lot of it. As for the future of creative AI, I feel that after a while of artists being against AI, they’ll eventually use it as a normal everyday tool as a part of their work. I believe that a computer can be creative, with, the help of a human giving it a prompt to create from.

One favorite internet horror story of mine is about the internet’s infamous horror short stories on the skinwalkers; although there is no one big continuing story of the skinwalkers, I think their concept as an entity as a whole is rather cool.

For what I’ve prepared for the peer teaching, I have prepared to have a discussion about the good and evil of AI and what the other students think. Finally, what I’ve learned in the past is that I thought it fascinated me when I learned about video editing.

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