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Weekly 10 Summary

This week, I was very intrigued by everyone else’s thoughts on AI, both in our class reading and our discussion. The most intriguing and influential character AI in fiction is GLaDos, as she is the antagonist of the game Portal. I picked her because of her Melotone when you first met her up until your confrontation with her. Her influence on how I province AI, however, is no different from how it was before, mostly because it’s not the matter of AI I’m worried about; it’s the people using the AI and how it is what I’m concerned about.

My experience talking to ELIZA is very limited because she’s more limited as a program than an actual learner bot. As for hacks, I don’t really remember seeing any because I haven’t spoken to her for a long time. With the McIlwain reading, the “sinister shit” going on with AI would be how the government sees AI, they see it as an entity to control and police to make sure no one uses it for, and you guess it, “sinister shit.”

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