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Mediated Metacognitive Meditation

To properly explain what I have added to the story, The Adventures of Red, I’ll make a small summary of what was added. But before I explain what I added, I’ll start with what the story is about. The story starts when a young girl, named Red, goes to her Grandma’s house as she always does until one day, her life changes when she encounters the monstrous wolf, then, in two different endings. One shows the woodsman saving Red from encountering the monstrous wolves from the deep dark woods, while the other ending, shows the young woodsman, named Fargus, saving Red from the monstrous wolf that disguises himself as her Grandma. However, after one wrong turn, the two children fell into a rabbit hole.

The part that I added starts back to where the previous summary started off after Fargus and Red fell into the rabbit hole. The two start at the shore of the world of Wonderland, where they go from one fork road to the next as two hero duos. Whether the reader picks to see the circle of dancers on the beach, to the fork road where the readers would want whether or not they would want to see the house of the White Rabbit. Eventually, they go up to the Queen of Heart’s castle to ask her to help them leave the world of wonderland.

My goal with my Twine project is to practice further with my writing as I use Twine to help expand my writing skills further. I’d say it’s a 10/10 success, and this is because I have fulfilled all of my goals and also fulfill my own choose your adventure story, along with polishing my writing skills and even possibly adding pictures (which I haven’t added yet). The next part I would like to do next after the wonderland part of The Adventure of Red is the Wizard of Oz.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed doing this project and even had tons of fun working on this project and I hope you had fun reading it.

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