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My name is Emily Noelle Goggin, but most people call me Emmy.

In Elementary school, I was diagnosed with a minor learning disability where my learning process is sometimes slower than others. However, with due determination, I changed my fate from not being able to earn a degree in high school to being able to by getting better and better each day to succeed in my disability from the assistants of teachers and my parents. In middle school, I learned to play the clarinet and bass clarinet, and in High School, I played bass clarinet in the Concert and Symphonic Bands and clarinet in Marching Band. The school has never been easy for me, and I often struggled and needed extra help from my teachers and tutors, but I earned Academic Letters every year and A’s and B’s on my report cards. I was also a member of the National Honor Society. I was a Girl Scout from 3rd grade through high school, worked on many community service projects, and earned my Silver and Gold Awards. At Mary Washington, I have continued community service in the Impact program.

I’m also continuing my music studies here with UMW’s Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble and private music lessons. I feel incredibly grateful to be attending UMW! I have always loved reading and collecting books, and my dream career is to be a librarian at the Library of Congress, a museum, or a university. I’ll eventually need a Master’s degree in Library Science, but first, I’ll need a bachelor’s degree, and I’ve decided to major in Communications & Digital Studies. I know my college years won’t be easy! I’ll continue to be challenged by every class, but my strong work ethic, love of learning, and support from professors, advisors, tutors, and my family will be there to help me on my journey at Mary Washington.

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